How the liquid got inside the liquid-filled chocolate covered cherries?

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The process by which chocolate covered cherries with liquid centers are created relies on an enzyme reaction that actually takes place after the candy is made.  The cherries are put in a mold which contains an enzyme.  The cherries are then dipped in chocolate.  They are then stored for a period of time under controlled heat.  During this period, the enzyme starts a digesting reaction in the solid candy center.  The enzyme converts the portion of the center to a soluble sugar.  This explains how the liquid is made without affecting the covering or the cherry.  


What does liquid-filled chocolate covered cherries has to do with dry cleaners?

There are three factors playing role in creating the liquid in the center of cherry chocolate.  1) Enzyme;  2) Temperature;  3) Time.  These three factors are also used in removing perspiration and similar protein stains.

Bath formula:  Add teaspoonful of enzyme to each gallon of water (Enzyme).  Keep it warm between 100 – 120 degree F (Temperature).  Temperature above 120 degree F will destroy the enzyme.  Temperature below 100 degree F retard the action of the enzyme.  Below 75 degree F, the enzymes are completely inactive.  Give it time.  Most stains become soluble in one-half hour (Time).